Since 1991, Crazy Lady Ink has been the place to get pierced with only the best quality jewelry possible

We pierce minors as a courtesy. We do this to ensure that your teenager gets a safe, sterile environment where they can express themselves through body art. We comply with all Minnesota state piercing laws including:

  • The custodial parent must be present at the time of service

  • Parent must have a state ID and the address must match the child's ID address

  • The minor MUST have an ID. We accept state issued IDs or any picture ID along with a birth certificate

  • If the minor's last name does not match the parent's, you must have the birth certificate with both names on it, or paperwork to show why the change in names

  • If you cannot fulfill the ID requirements you may be denied

Before you get pierced...

  • Bring valid photo identification

  • If you are under 18, please reference the above requirements

  • Be completely sober

  • Be bathed with hair trimmed or tied back (where applicable)

  • Have eaten within the last 4 hours

  • If you are getting a nipple or genital piercing, wear suitable clean underwear/garments/bras

  • If possible, avoid asprin and other blood thinners

  • Have considered any potential health issues (i.e. individuals who require antibiotics prior to dental work should see their doctor prior to being pierced

  • Have discussed any potential health issues with piercer (i.e. heart problems, fainting/narcolepsy, etc.)

  • Be calm

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the piercing, please ask! We are happy to answer your questions both before and after any piercing

For booking appointments and consultations

Please call 952-445-3281



Crazy Lady Ink

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Tuesday - Thursday 12pm-8pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm-9pm

Closed Sundays

If you have an Issue Only Please contact OWNER:

Issues, complaints or concerns should be addressed to the owner.

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